plant a kiss

by kamapacheno


My first introduction to a ‘blog-hop party’ came about earlier today when, while reading this lovely blog, I stumbled upon Plant a Kiss Day.

Although the idea behind ‘Planting a Kiss’ is simply a random act of kindness, after reading the blogs from all 16 contributors, I can feel there is much goodwill that ‘grows’ from the experience. Not just for the recipient, but also for the giver, the environment, & the community at large.

As someone who loves a good gallery hop, the Plant a Kiss Day blog-hop was a fantastic way to spend some time… in a community, meeting new people, sharing experiences & gaining inspiration as to how I’d like to ‘plant kisses’ in my everyday life.

I loved reading the myriad of ways the contributing bloggers interpreted ‘Plant a Kiss Day’ and the equally varied ways they ‘planted’ their kisses. I wish I could have been in Dolores Park to experience the bubble-mob that took place! What a joyful idea!


As a sidenote, Wildendurance begins in the Blue Mountains tomorrow. Who is up for the challenge sometime with me?