peanut butter bliss

by kamapacheno


Let me be the first to admit, I LOVE peanut butter. Especially teamed up with chocolate. I even put a glob of it with my ice-cream. But, mostly I eat it smeared on a rice cake, with or without homemade mulberry or loquat jam on top. Mmm…

But, I digress. Over the course of my life I have evolved from highly processed, sugar-coma-inducing peanut butter to the oil-on-top, more natural alternative, but never (until today) have I adventurered into the lands of DIY handmade peanut butter making madness. And, it’s so easy!!! And scrumptious!!!

Thanks to some inspiration, I have been successful in the kitchen. The only difference with my recipe was that I used roasted but unsalted peanuts. I’m now looking forward to making other nut butters as well. Break out the buckeyes!