by kamapacheno


The best gifts are handmade (and/or edible), don’t you think? So, with the first birthday of few special little friends approaching I was quick to whip out my craft supplies.

Before long, some ‘rescued’ wool/cashmere pants (so soft but totally ugly) became a plush teddy, complete with vintage accents and recycled button eyes. The teddy is even stuffed with wool that has been carded by me and a friend, using a vintage carding machine at a local craft collective.


The other child celebrating a first birthday was the recipient of a repurposed wool sweater/jumper. First I shrunk/felted the wool sweater/jumper in a hot wash. Next, I removed the collar and the sleeves and embellished the front with a hand-warmer style pocket that I had made using a wet felting technique. Finally, I added some embroidery detail on the pocket and around the collar-less collar. In the end, it’s a bit long for the chap, but it’s an article he can grow into (or share with his older siblings!)