there’s a fungus among us

by kamapacheno


Back in spring 2011, we bought a kit to grow pink oyster mushrooms from Swan Valley Gourmet Fungi who are stall holders at the Mt Claremont Farmers Market. We followed the instructions by cutting several slits in the plastic bag surrounding the inoculated straw and placing the kit in a sterile plastic tub, indoors, in a place that got only a little sunlight. We sprayed the kit with water daily. Within a few days, frilly pink oyster mushrooms had begun to grow!


Our first flush was gorgeous and delicious. But, little did we know, we hadn’t seen nothing yet.

We had been instructed that we would get two flushes from the kit- the first being the biggest. However, for the second flush we left our kit to be ‘babysat’ while we were away camping. The spot where we left the kit was in the second story annex of a predominantly one story house, heated by wood fire. Apparently, the second story annex had very humid conditions while we were away.

We enjoyed our pink oyster mushrooms fried up with a bit of butter. Growing from a kit was really good fun and good value. Perhaps, the next step will be learning how to inoculate our own straw. Ooh, and I’m very keen to learn how to inoculate logs with shiitake spores, but I want to be taught by the folks my heroes at Milkwood.