chook tractor > free range

by kamapacheno


Perhaps a bit difficult to see in this photo, behind the passionfruit vine is our handbuilt chook tractor. It is made using a repurposed vintage pram.

Building a chook tractor out of nearly anything that already has wheels is ideal. The idea is that the chooks have an easily mobile pen, complete with a nesting box.

Although our chooks still perch inside to sleep at night, our chook tractor has more or less become stationary. We only have two chooks, Yeta & Yolanda, and they are friendly and well behaved so they free range in our yard most days.

When the rains come, plenty of snails are available for additional feed, both for chooks and humans.


This photo was taken in November 2011 when Yo! was just a chick. Look how small she was!